Contour Drawing

Design Drawing

Francis D. K. Ching

1. “Blind contour drawing involves the drawing of contours while looking only at the subject, not the surface upon which we are drawing or the evolving image” (pg.19).

This quote caught my attention because my favorite style of contour drawing is blind contour, mainly due to the fact that your relying wholly on your senses to draw out the contour.

2. “Our perception and drawing of the boundary lines that separate one thing from another leads to our recognition and description of shape” (pg. 23).

This quote stood out to me because I am currently having to work with contour drawings of my twig drawings. For example while drawing my design from the side I must make the closer twigs look darker and heavier than the twigs near the back. 

3. “The positive shapes of figures and the shapeless spaces of backgrounds share the same boundaries and combine to form an inseparable whole- a unity of opposites” (pg. 26).

Positive and negative spaceto me are very interesting because it allows you to have a simple contour drawing, but also include a background that helps push the contour forward.


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