First Two Weeks Of School Review

The first project of the semester: face it, included making a public art project that showed different forms of public art in the city that we picked. My city was Rio, and I included photos of 2D, 3D, and 4D public art that can be found throughout Rio. The second part was to create a portrait speed drawing, that included 4 different pictures from the Rio project that we drew 6 different ways. I drew each photo the same six ways in order of Contour, Value, Cross Contour, Stippling with a felt tip pen, Color, and Gesture. Then there was the large scale map of the Greensboro area that included local public art that we had to find and photograph and then use as example to get ideas for the Glenwood mural. We also had 15 minutes each to draw a portrait of 6 different people from our class. We were supposed to draw each person as detailed as possible in the given time, along with writing the persons name in architectural lettering. Lastly we had to write Martin Luther Kings Jr’s “I Have a Dream”  speech in architectural lettering. 

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