CC-ED Floor Plans

This is the final furniture floor plan out of the four increasingly different plans my group and I have had throughout the past few weeks.

The second photo is of my final plan which is one I four floor plans that my group and I have. I chose to make the second phase floor plan. My group mates chose either to draw at circulation plan, a rendered/furniture plan, and lastly a dimension plan. This project was for the design center program here at UNCG called CC-ED. Our original group floor plan had a slide coming off of an 18′ loft, along with two swings and a large fish tank; with the design tables and chairs spread out around them. Another rendition we had dropped the slide and swings idea and replaced it with a two foot platform where the conference table was located. Theses two picture are of two of my 3-D views from my final floor plan.

These two views are my welcoming CC-ED logo that is behind a thin glass panel with water falling from above it. Behind the welcome sign I placed a large indoor wooden arbor overhang. Along with a tack able wall for meetings. The second view is of my completely movable wooden drawing desks, along with my very own designed computer chairs. The desk itself has accordion doors on the rounded edges for storage inside. In the end we realized that our floor plans main concept was about branching out.

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