IARc Field Trip to Monticello and Fallingwater



This is my section drawing of Frank Lloyd Wrights Unity Temple. We had to draw and poché the walls for the first version and then draw the negative space for the second version.


This is a plan view of Monticello. We had to trace the drawing and poché the walls of both the original walls of the house along with a lighter color to signify the newer walls of the house. Monticello was designed by Thomas Jefferson in the 1796 and finally finished it in 1809. Thomas Jefferson called it Monticello, meaning “Little Mountain” in old Italian.


This is the detailed outside view of Monticello. I drew this when we went to tour the house earlier this week. I really enjoyed all of the detailing around the outside of the house. While on the tour we were only allowed to make quick sketches of the interior furniture and spaces. Here are a few of those sketches.

IMG_6112 IMG_6113 IMG_6115 IMG_6116 IMG_6119 IMG_6118


All of the items I decided to sketch were things that intrigued me the most on the tour. Such as the “Dumbwaiter”, that was hidden inside the Mantelpiece in the dinning room and was used to deliver new bottles of wine from the wine cellar below along with sending back the empty bottles.

The second and my personal favorite house we visited on our trip was Frank Lloyd Wrights Fallingwater. Fallingwater was built in 1936. It was a daunting task to complete but was well worth it in the end. This house was my favorite, because it was just as beautiful and intricate a house on the outside as it was on the inside. No matter where you were in the house you always had your own privacy from the other rooms.


Above are two plan view drawings are of Fallingwater.



This was the view I decided to take with my camera. I personally think this is the best view looking at the house. I liked this view so much I decided I would use it as my outside view of the house. I also drew a view of the servants quarters of fallingwater. Along with drawing the servants quarters I rendered the drawing as well.



Before I arrived at Fallingwater I was unaware that Fallingwater even had a servants quarter, let alone servants for the Kaufman’s. Just like Monticello I was was able to draw out some quick sketches of the interior, but was unfortunately unable to match the number of sketches I had for Monticello. Either way, here are a few of them.

IMG_6120 IMG_6123 IMG_6124 IMG_6127 IMG_6126

Probably my most memorable features that I drew would have to be the first sketch of the living room couches. I enjoy this couch because it spanned the entire width of the room and due to this I feel it made the room itself seem twice as big.

In the end a couple of the biggest highlights for me on this trip were when the tour bus broke down and we had no air-conditioning on it; but in the end it was worth it because  while waiting for it to be fixed, I was able to go throw frisbee on Thomas Jefferson’s front lawn.



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