Culture and Creation Story

For this week of school we had to choose a culture that was not our own and investigate how the people of that culture alter or reshape their appearance to celebrate a story that was important to their identity. After hours of searching I decided to investigate the Venetian culture. From the Venetian culture I learned about how the Venetian’s would hold the famous Carnival forty days before Easter and ends with the Christian celebration of Lent. During the Carnival people wear elaborate masks, such as the Capitan Scaramouche or long nose mask. The long nose mask is the mask that I made using a store bought full face mask, that I had to cut up into a smaller mask along with the addition of a long nose, made out of foam sheets. Here is what my culture  poster looked like in the end. IMG_5755

My hand made mask most resembles the Capitan Scaramouche mask in the top right hand corner of my poster. Here are some of my final design drawing of how I was planning the mask to look in the end.



Here is the final mask.


You can clearly see all of my hard work in designing the nose on the mask along with all of the surrounding gold detailing around the eyes.

The second part of our assignment was to create our own creation story and to create a costume to wear during our final presentation. Here is my final version of my creation story about the Metal Heads.

The story of the Metal Heads

Once there was a light named Bartholomew flying through space with his magical mysterious powers. One day Bartholomew created a magical metal nut. Noticing he could not do anything with just a metal nut Bartholomew created a nuclear atom. The two new objects were both not even an inch in size as these two flew through space. Usually these two items would not mix well together but Bartholomew new how to tweak them with the power of a golden heart. He had them flying around for many millenniums to which would one-day collide with the golden heart. Whenever the three collided they formed the metal world. The metal world quickly became an enormous conglomeration of metal mountains and hillsides with unusual trees and plant lives on top. Rivers of oil flowing throughout covered the terrain. With this new land Bartholomew quickly figured out he had no one to occupy and maintain his new world, so he created the metal heads. These metal heads were part man part machine. The metal heads would come to inhabit and bend the land as they pleased. They had glassy eyes and breathed through filtered masks. The metal heads faces were made of hundreds of moving gears and wires, while the other half was made from skin and bones. They were kindhearted beings with literal hearts of gold. They would never come to hurt another metal head, because they knew no evil. The metal heads would spend their years welding together their individual lives until the inevitable day that they rust away to become one with the metal land.

Along with my creation story, here are a few of my final costume designs.

IMG_6202 IMG_6204 IMG_6206 IMG_6208 IMG_6210

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